My first orgasm in 27 days was spent on our first day of vacation when Sweetness ordered me to cum into a pill bottle, carry it with me, dump it into my cocktail and drink it with dinner at a restaurant. It would be four more days until she decided to let me use the second of five I had earned over the past six weeks.

It was one of our favorite spots, a secluded, white sandy beach with very little wave action. The first time we discovered this spot there was a coconut lying on the sandy point that created a small cove. We named it Coconut Point. Sweetness dropped to her hands and knees in the one foot deep, clear blue water and I fucked her from behind. The feel of the warm water, the hot sun, and our bodies pounding together was pure bliss. We travel back to this spot several times on each vacation we take in the area and we always fuck doggie style in the water. We say that’s the only way to do it a Coconut Point because that’s the way the natives do it there. As we have never seen anyone there, we consider ourselves the natives and have started the tradition.

Sweetness was holding my second orgasm for our arrival at Coconut Point. During the long walk she teased that she may not let me cum on our first visit. This had me hard thinking of her denying me. Being this is a deserted area, we had no clothes, not even swim suits or towels, Just hats and a camera. When we arrived at our spot we embraced and kissed passionately. We dropped to our knees in the shallow water. The fine white sand was soft and welcoming.  Sweetness wrapped her hand around my expanding cock and slowly stroked. “Are you ready to fuck like the natives?” she purred in my ear. I was already humping her fist and groping her ass. Yes, I was ready. “I have not decided if you will be cumming or not so control yourself, this isn’t a free-for-all.”

“Yes Sweetness, I obey you.” She rolled up on her hands and knees and pushed back, presenting her ass and pussy to me. Her skin was covered in water droplets that sparkled in the sunlight. I moved in behind her positioning the tip of my throbbing rod on her sweet lips and pressed forward. I glided into her easily and she let out a groan of pleasure as I filled her. “Oh, Yeah!” I exclaimed as I grabbed the sides of her ass and began thrusting into her repeatedly. After about ten pumps I felt I needed to ease up a bit as I didn’t want to accidently cum at this point. With slightly slower strokes I was able to stay in control. I also took my focus off the sexy ass I was pounding into and observed the water splashing up onto our bodies with each thrust. Sweetness’s breasts were hanging half into the water making their own swirling splashes as the rocked back and forth.

“I have decided I will let you cum now my love.” “Thank you Sweetness.” I gave her a good hard pounding, slapping into her ass cheeks. “You will fuck me hard until you can’t hold back then ask me for permission to cum. When I grant it you will pull out and ruin your orgasm on my ass, then you will eat it off me.” She was rocking back into me taking every inch while she gave her orders. “Yes Mistress, I obey you.” I picked up the pace and it was not long before my cock was swelling to the point of release. “Mistress may I cum!” “Yes, do it now! Ruin your orgasm on my ass and eat it!” I wanted so badly to continue fucking her and cum deep inside her pussy but I was obeying her orders. I pulled out on the last practical thrust and watched my cum spill out onto the small of her back and down her crack.

After a moment to reorient after the erotic release, I leaned over and licked the cum from her back. The ocean water made it even more salty and her hot skin did not absorb any of the heat from my load. I bent farther down and ran my tongue up the cleavage of her ass, clearing it of cum.” Sensing I may stop there Sweetness interjected. “Make sure you get it all.” I repeated the ass licking two more times and finished by running my tongue up and over her lower back.

We rolled over and sat side-by-side, recovering from our erotic foray and soaking in the tropical atmosphere. “Are you glad I control your orgasms?” she asked reflectively. “Yes Sweetness. You know what’s best for me.”


19 thoughts on “Vacation 2 – Orgasm 2

  1. Those are great photos and really bring the story to life. Makes the reader feel like they were there. May I say, she has a beautiful ass. Does she ever let you go inside of it? Loved the description of her tits hanging halfway into the water when she was on all fours. Very descriptive. Looking forward to more vacation stories and pics.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. 🙂 Thanks.
      She loves being fucked from behind and I pretend that it is not my favorite but it is hard to resist when I’m looking at that view.
      I have tried for 30+ years for anal with no success… but I keep hoping. I joke that if she ever gets Alzheimer’s I will remind her how much she enjoys it. 🙂
      Reading your comment makes me wish I was still there.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. What a hot story and pics! That’s what a perfect vacation for two lovers is all about, isn’t it. Gorgeous ass, I would not be able to resist the urge to kiss and lick between those cheeks before obeying the order to fuck.
    You know, my Wife and I also have a semi-secluded spot on the shore of a lake that we keep returning to every year. We discovered it 5 years ago, it is easily accessible only by water, not so easily by land so we usually have it to ourselves if we are early enough. But we were caught and observed fucking there twice (both times while She was sitting on my face). Oh boy, what a thrill! 😋😳😳

    Liked by 2 people

        1. I agree with you and I would love to let women know they have a nice body. It’s a complement that should be given respectfully but needs to be taken as such and not as a derogatory sexist comment.
          So, knowing that, I will make complementary comments on future photos of your Queen knowing they will be taken in the correct light.

          Liked by 1 person

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