My second orgasm on vacation was on a secluded, white sandy beach with shallow water and very little wave action. I fucked Sweetness doggie style in the clear blue, warm water. She made me pull out, ruin my orgasm on her ass and eat it.

Six hours after that amazing sex we were preparing for our late dinner. The sun was just setting as we washed our naked bodies in the outdoor shower. We returned to our room to finish getting ready. Still naked, Sweetness reached for my jewels and began massaging. She whispered into my ear from over my shoulder. “I think we have some time to kill before dinner will be served. I want you to fuck me here on the edge of the bed.” We turned to each other to embrace. Being slightly offset, my growing cock was alongside her hip and easy for her to grab onto and stroke. I held her firm ass with my hands and fondly replayed our erotic foray earlier that day.


Sweetness nibbled on my ear lobe. “I want you to fuck me hard so I can feel the full length of you inside me.” I’m sure she could feel my acceptance of her command as my cock bulged to its rigid state. “I would love to serve you like that.” I replied lustfully.

The bed was high and would be perfect to enter her while I stood at the edge of it. She laid back with her knees bent up so her heals were on the edge. Her full breasts lay there perfectly framing the view of her face. Our eyes locked as she licked her fingers and moved the down to wet her pussy. I copied the move, moistening the tip of my shaft. “Fuck me now my love.” She ordered. I stepped forward placing the crown of my rod at the opening of her moist invitation. In one move I buried myself completely in her. “Oooh Yeah, Your cock feels so good.” I grunted with her complement and began pounding her with long, deliberate strokes. Bending forward and maintaining the thrusting, we began kissing passionately.

Sweetness grabbed my hair in her fist and pulled. “I want you to cum in me. Fill me with your hot cum so I can make you lick me clean.” She demanded. My first thought was “but I just came and I won’t have many left after this.” That thought was disappearing as it was being formed by the shear lust of her request and the total excitement of her domination. I increased the energy and thrust into her harder. “Oooh Yeah.” She pulled my hair again and put her lips to my ear. “Fill me with your cum right now!” The seduction was dripping from her words. I grunted heavenly as I unloaded my second orgasm of the day. “Thank you for your service my love. That was just what I wanted. Now, it’s time for you to eat your appetizer so we can head to dinner.”

Surprisingly, my load was still thick and creamy. A strand was laying across the top of her folds that must have been sticking to my shaft when I pulled out. The rest was poised at the opening, frames in her moist lips. I still hesitate licking my cum up even when it is on Sweetness’s pussy but my practicality kicks in and I know I have to get it before it starts running to less exciting areas… like the edge of the bed. I know Sweetness will make me clean it up wherever it has to be cleaned from.

After every drop was consumed, we straightened up and headed to dinner. The night sky glowed with stars and it added to a wonderful day in paradise. As dinner progressed the stars gave way to the brightness of the rising moon. Sweetness reached over and touched my hand. “Did you have a good day.” She asked with a wicked smile. “I did Sweetness. I would like to do this every day.” “Mmmm” she patted my hand. “I bet you would but that’s not in my best interest. I just need to keep you thinking about it.”


8 thoughts on “Vacation 2 – Orgasm 3

  1. Very nice and hot Herwish, I can imagine how much you both enjoyed your spiced-up holiday. You know what I think of Sweetness’ looks so I won’t bore you with it 😀.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Do you both keep your naughty parts smooth? I just had my latest Brazilian waxing two days ago (pits too, first time). My Wife demands it and I like it. She no longer keeps Her pussy completely bald. Her pubes are another reminder of Her dominance over me; She gets to keep some pubes (because She wants to and I like it), but I have no choice.
    BTW, It’s amazing how much less I sweat with armpits bald. Why didn’t somebody tell me this before? No more armpit hair for me.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes we do. She had hers lasered off about 10 years ago and when she had me do it last year she did touch up appointments for herself. She also lasered her armpits this time too. I shave mine and think it is cooler in the hot weather with no hair under the arm.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. What a great detailed story. You are always so descriptive when you recount what happened. And such gorgeous pictures. She has such a nicely shaved pretty pussy. And we already know she has a gorgeous ass. I’m sure her tits are equally beautiful as well. I’ll bet you enjoy it each time she lets you play with her. Looking forward to more stories and even more pictures. The combination is great.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the complements on the story and Sweetness. I cant get enough of her and this weekend I cant seem to keep my mind or hands off her. I think it is rebounding from all the orgasms last week and then getting cut off. I haven’t cum now in over a week and wont get a chance for another.


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