This secluded beach is our favorite place and our first day here Sweetness made me use two of my saved up orgasms. The next day we took the long beach walk to our secluded Coconut Point for more sex. After some initial fun and then relaxing in the clear, shallow water we resumed our sexual activity. “I want you to fuck me from behind right now.” She released her grip on my shaft and spun around, positioning herself on hands and knees in the one-foot deep water. I moved in behind her. My knees settled into the soft sand as I pressed the tip of my cock against her pussy. It was a fabulous view, poised just above the water. I ran my hands up her sides and pulled her back onto my firmness. “Mmmm, yeah. That feels so good.” She exclaimed. I began a rhythmical thrusting that created shoots of water to splash up and bead on her back. I was being aggressive figuring two orgasms yesterday would keep me in check today. It was working.

“I want you to cum in me.” It took me a minute to register. “Did you hear me?” “Yes Sweetness.” I replied as I mentally ran through several scenarios and then realized I would only have one orgasm left after this. “Well then do it! I want to feel your cock swell and unload in me.” I picked up the pace and was wildly fucking her. It was what fantasies are made of, naked bodies fucking in the surf of a tropical paradise. But something was off. Maybe I was unsure about using my second to last orgasm. Then my legs began to tire and that precipitates a waning erection. Now my mind was going the wrong way and the eroticism was spiraling downward. I stopped thrusting but kept my cock buried inside Sweetness hoping to get a second wind. It didn’t and my cock slipped from her pussy as it shrunk more.

She spun around and sat in the water looking at me. I felt I needed to explain but didn’t want to sound whiny. “Well at least I didn’t use an orgasm.” I offered as a condolence. Her eyes narrowed. “Ah, what makes you think that? I told you to cum. That’s using an orgasm and your tough luck if you can’t perform.” I must have had a dumbstruck look on my face because Sweetness’s grin widened. Desperate to recover, I offered an alternative. “Please give me another chance. I dint realize I would lose it.” I pleaded. She eyed me up as saw that the ultimatum had made my cock start stiffening.

“Ok but only this one time.” She rolled back to her doggie-style position and I had no problem slipping my now fully engorged cock deep in her pussy. “That’s it My Love now let me feel you cum in me.” I could feel the build. I was thrusting into her like it was my last chance… and in a way it was. ‘Sweetness, may I cum?” I offered. “Yes! Do it! Do it now!” she demanded. That was all I needed to put me over the top. I grunted as I unloaded my third orgasm within 24 hours. I continued to pound into her hard until my orgasmic spasms ended.

We stayed, locked in that position for a minute enjoying the moment and giving me a chance to catch my breath. “Lie on your back and prop yourself up on your elbows. I’m going to stand over you and make you eat your cum while it drips out of me.” I did as instructed and Sweetness straddled my head. I love this view and the setting made it a perfect fantasy. Shifting my weight to one arm allowed me to reach up and grab the cheek of her ass with the other. A few minutes wend by. “Is any coming out?” Sweetness asked. “Not yet.” I replied still hopeful. “Well, I guess you came too deep in me and you’re not getting any this time.”  She stepped away from me so I could stand. Wrapping her arms around me, she looked me in the eyes and added, “I’ll just have to make sure you get to eat your last vacation load…. If I let you have it.” I had just cum but I could feel the twinges in my cock as it started expanding. She has total control and she knows it.


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