Three days and a dozen fuck sessions after Sweetness ordered me to cum in her on our favorite beach we were enjoying our last full day of vacation.  This was a new location and a nice beach that has been deserted since some majors storms in recent years. We spent some time strolling nude on the beach, ate lunch and then played in the warm, turquoise water.

We embraced with a kiss as we bobbed with the motion of the waves. Sweetness reached for my cock and gave it a tug. Her mouth was near my ear. “I want you to fuck me here in the water.” I liked the idea but my mind went to the challenge of getting hard and maintaining it in water and while trying to stabilize from the waves. We were in water up to my shoulders and the waves would take me to my toes. Sweetness was now wrapped around me and rubbing my cock on the underside of her thigh. The obstacles melted away as I got caught up in the tropical paradise seduction.

“I am here to serve you.” I offered. “Mmmm, that’s good because I feel you are getting to the point where you are useful to me.” She teased. The circles she was tracing on her thigh with the tip of my cock were getting larger and more oval as I stiffened. We shifted slightly and she guided my shaft into her eager love folds. The weight of her body dropped as a wave passed and the water lowered, impaling her fully on my rigid shaft. We both moaned with delight.  I worked her up and down the length of my rod as the water ebbed and flowed. Sweetness leaned back holding onto my shoulders. Our gaze locked on each other, we both felt the bliss of the dreamy moment.

“Cum in me my love. I want to feel you bulge and release.” We held our eye contact and I increased our rhythm. “Ohh yes, your cock feels so good.” I could feel the pressure building to a point of no return. “Sweetness, may I cum in you now?” I asked obediently. “Yes! Do it now!” she demanded. I grunted as I pulled her down hard on my cock and released a load of cum deep inside. Retracting slightly, I pulled her down again and released another shot of cum in her. We repeated the motions until I was spent and embraced in a tight hug and passionate kiss.

Surprisingly, my cock lost little of its erection so Sweetness had to push away from me a bit to slide off the length of my cock. The crystal clear water made it easy to see the trails of cum in the foot of water now between her gaping lips and my fullness. “Looks like you get a bye for eating your cum this time.” She commented as we watched the white globes move about like a lava lamp. “Well, I’m kind of sorry I don’t get to show you my obedience and devotion by eating it for you.” I added. Sweetness grinned as we hugged again. “I appreciate that and I’m pleased that your feel eager to eat your cum for me.” “Your pussy whipping is well under way.”


18 thoughts on “Vacation 2 – Orgasm 5

  1. Nice, very nice.

    Have you ever tried to fuck floating in the water? I didn’t think it possible until a few years back. Salt water just makes it possible, it provides enough buoyancy. Upright position with my Wife impaled on my erection with Her legs wrapped around my waist and Her hands on my shoulders, me maintaining us on the surface with my arms – and thrusting into Her. Not the most comfortable position (when you kiss, you sink) and you have to be careful how/when you breathe. And of course She didn’t cum, but I did, on more than one occassion! And you can do it with other people close by and nobody knows (if you keep it quiet that is and nobody is snorkeling around you :)) That’s if your Wife allows you vaginal intercourse and to cum inside Her; I am being starved on both accounts now and I cannot really provide oral service while floating freely in the water, but we do it when She supports Herself on a SUP board, again something you can do with others relatively close by if they are on the other side of the board.

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    1. Thanks Tom.
      We have done floating sex but I think we were aided with a noodle. I sink like a rock without moving. I can recall one time we were engaged just off the shore and a larger wave crashed over our heads tearing us apart. That was one of the most abrupt ends to sex we have had…. but fun at the same time.

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      1. Lol, yeah, I know the experience. We are ending our holiday these days. A seaside resort, not much to my liking, far too crowded and zero chance of finding a secluded spot where my Dearest could scream her heart out when She cums (plus we are not alone). But we are planning another shorter holiday in September. Seriously, wherever we are I am always looking for a location where we could do “it” outdoors. There just is something to it.
        Our score for this 7-days holiday: Her orgasms 5 or 6 (yes, I lost the count, shame on me), mine 1 and even that was humiliatingly from Her newest vibrator held by me in Her presence to the underside of my penis head (Palm Power, it really is very good, thanks CollaredMichael for the tip, She quite likes it, especially the lowest frequency setting which I increase just before She starts orgazming, Her hungry pussy practically swallows its head!). Zero vaginal intercourse, I am being denied completely, it is driving me crazy to observe Her how greedily She impales Herself on the dildo (that I must hold at the right angle and provide the thrusting). She really enjoys teasing and torturing me like this and seeing me horny with my needy hard dick twitching uselessly. I am not counting how many times I had erection this week, also my nipples are very sore, I think of Her and, yes, now I crave vaginal sex, all the time. Every time I eat Her out I nearly cum from it, I believe eventually I will actually ejaculate from it or from watching Her cum. I don’t know if it is possible, but sometimes I feel really close. She says I may get lucky again (meaning She will allow me to fuck Her again) but doesn’t tell me when. Man, what is She doing to me, I don’t want it to ever stop, if only She would let me fuck Her properly once in a while again.

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        1. We have a goal to have outdoor sex in each of the 50 states. I think we have about 7 or 8 checked off.
          I think you will get to a point where you will cum from licking your wife.
          I have done that while tonguing my wife’s ass from behind. She loved the power over me.

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        2. That’s a very nice goal. We are not so ambitious (so far we have had sex outdoors in only 3 countries, but I believe we had sex in every single country we have ever stayed in together.

          Re: cumming without touching.
          I hope you’re right, I would like that very much, to demonstrate to my Wife in yet another way how much I enjoy pleasuring Her. I only hope that it doesn’t seal my destiny as far as vaginal sex goes. Once She learns that She can make me cum without even touching me… She may get new ideas. We do talk about our feelings for each other and I know She really enjoys my devotion (sex and otherwise) and all the attention She is getting but I doubt that She fully realizes what a profound effect Her current dominance and all the extreme tease and denial have on me sexually and emotionally.

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  2. That sounds like a wonderful day. A few years ago my Queen and I took a vacation including beaches Oceanside cottages and camping. It was during a rediscovering our love cycle. I was dealing with a bout of PTSD and my Dr had me on a antidepressant and Cialis. Apparently I am one of the few subject to side affects. It was impossible to orgasm. We spent 4 glorious days with my cock rock hard with no release possible. It was amazing to be able to satisfy her endlessly with no worries of orgasm.

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    1. Wow. Aside from the fact it was a side effect of medication for a medical problem, that sounds wonderful. I hate that I get too worked up to give her the long hard fucking she sometimes craves. I end up having to slow down or stop to let the feeling subside, and that just wreck the momentum for her.


    2. I second what Herwish wrote. Premature ejaculations have always been my curse. Not clinically premature (I could stand a couple of minutes of vigorous fucking if I wasn’t too excited), but definitely not enough to bring any Woman to orgasm using just my penis. I always had to bring my Woman close to cumming by other means before entering Her. Then it was OK, that’s why I didn’t worry about it.
      Now, with only a couple of allowed orgasms per month and even fewer vaginal intercourses I can hardly last a minute… My Wife likes to tease me with it.

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      1. I’ve yet to be caged but I have been denied to orgasm after fucking her through several orgasms on a regular basis. Time will tell but I am hoping she likes my cock to much to deny me intercourse for long periods of time.

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        1. My Wife is not so difficult, but She needs plenty of time, usually about 10-20 minutes or so. I know the “you killed the mood again” feeling. That’s why I used to wait until She was already almost “there” before I entered Her for the grand finale on my dick without having to interrupt or slow down the thrusting/pounding to prevent the “accident”. Oh, how She used to ride me…. Now She prefers my tongue/ big dildo combo most of the time.

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        2. My wife’s orgasm are either with my mouth or her vibrator. Very occasionally I have had my cock in her and used a vibrator. It took a while because it was different but she did cum.


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