A month ago, Sweetness decided she needed to control my water intake. She was probably right. There are days I hardly drink anything and no water. She decided I needed to drink 64 oz or about 2 liters. This was a challenge and many days I fell short. She would dock me points from my daily score for not reaching the full amount. Initially it was random but soon became a 5 point deduction for 16 oz or half a liter. Being short by half of that would be a 3 point deduction. To put this in perspective, if I lose 9 points each day I don’t earn an orgasm that week. So 5 points is huge considering, all the other tasks I’m accountable for,

As we approached the month mark, Sweetness commented that she planned to make me drink one gallon or about 4 liters a day. “That seems excessive.” I blurted out. From where I was coming from it seemed impossible. “Uh, no. It’s the recommended about to maintain health.” She retorted.

On the one month mark, she made the decision to step it up. She had worked me up with a few minutes of teasing. “It’s time you started drinking more water.” She gave a long slow stroke over my ridged cock and bit into my ear. I didn’t say anything but waited for my new order. “I want you to drink the 64 oz before you leave work on those days or before I get home on that day.  Then you will have another 16oz after dinner.” “Sweetness!” I exclaimed. Cant we just start with an extra 8 oz and let me drink half the full amount at work?” “No!” she stated firmly.

Between her domination and the control she was exerting stepping up my water consumption, my cock was stiff and bulging. I was sure she could feel the difference since she started laying out her new law. “You need to have the 64oz drank or you do not get to come home.” There has to be an alternative. That seemed very hard to do. “Can I just take a five point deduction if I am short?” I would rather risk not earning an orgasm for the week that not get to come home to you.” I pleaded. “Mmmm, I know and that is why you will finish the water at work.” She said flatly. “And, so you don’t chug it all at the end of the day, You will have 32 oz drank by 1pm or you will lose 10 points.” My cock was straining in her grasp. Her strictness was intoxicating. “But, to help ease you into this, I will lower the amount you need to drink after dinner to 12 oz.” She continued to gently stroke the length of my shaft in a reassuring, soothing way. “Thank you Sweetness. You are benevolent.” “For now. I will get you up to a gallon a day and you will and it will become part of your ongoing task to maintain it.”

Increasing her control always gets me excited as I love the feeling of her dominating me.



16 thoughts on “Water – the key to life… and a happy Wife

  1. There is a condition exacerbated by consuming too much water, hyponatria. The frequent urination causes the body’s electrolytes, sodium and potassium to go Out of balance. It is a dangerous activity.

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    1. Understood but I am far from drinking too much water. There were days I would only drink 24 oz of liquids total. The trick is to consume it over time and not all at once.
      What has happen is that by the time I am finished drinking my required water I don’t feel the urge to have a less healthy drink.


  2. Hi Herwish. I can of course relate to your increased excitement whenever Sweetness acts strictly or increases Her control, my reaction to my Wife’s expressions of dominance is just like yours. I tend to consume plenty of water, it’s my Wife who needs a firm hand to make Her drink more (expecially with Her frequent bladder infections) and I try to provide it (and She obeys, imagine that!).

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      1. I think these things are with us for many years, hidden away and dormant, before we become fully aware of them. For me it also took time and the experience of a long-term relationship and a pivotal event.

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    1. Oh yes, it did do it. We had some heated arguments when She put the new rules on the table. How could She expect somebody with a life-long history of serial (more than once per day) masturbation to suddenly stop it? Plus masturbation was healthy, wasn’t it? (She had always hated it that I masturbated in addition to sex, but had tollerated it until my performance in bed started to deteriorate). And how could She deny me sex and access to Her vagina for no real reason? I wasn’t cheating Her. Well, according to Her I was cheating Her with my hand every day! She only promissed me that I will be getting more sex if I behaved (full control of our sex life and all my orgasms came much later, at that time She still more or less let me fuck Her freely). After some defiance I quickly submitted. The road was very bumpy (I was to report any unauthorized masturbation to get punished severely, and I did and I still do, although it hasn’t happened in a long time). But I am so glad that She made me do it, our sex life improved and all this gradually led and still leads are deeper into FLR. We are now closer than ever. My orgasms are rare and vaginaln sex nearly zero, but I love it all. I am happy that I can obey and pleasure Her.

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      1. Quite a journey.
        I didnt masturbate that much but I would when I was feeling anxious and she wasn’t around. That began to drop off because it just didn’t feel as good alone as when I was with my wife.
        Occasionally I get the urge and I will text her to ask permission. She almost always gives me five minutes and reminds me I am not allow to cum. That in itself is exciting.

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        1. I used to ask for permission in the beginning which was almost never granted. She could not understand why I couldn’t wait a single day without orgasm. That’s why it is so unbelievable that I could go from 1-2 ejaculations per day to the same number in a month (on average). But at that time I still wanted to cum a lot. Now I value orgasm denial with all the benefits and fully enjoy giving my Wife orgasms without getting one myself.

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        2. I know, with so little oppurtunity to enter Her pussy that my penis has had this year it is a battle lost in advance for me. I will need to learn again how to fuck without cumming so quickly, if my Wife will give me a chance.

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