Sweetness returned in a few minutes with two margarita glasses full of a blue icy mix. She placed mine on the table, sat back in her chair, and sipped from her glass. “Let’s see what you have.” She said smiling. With my back to the fire, I stood facing Sweetness and my blue icy drink. It wasn’t difficult to get hard. It only took a few touches, caressing, and Sweetness looking on with mischievous intent. “That’s it. Stroke that cock for me.” She coaxed. “I have kept you from cumming for over a month. Now I’m going to make you drain it into your cocktail and drink it.” I started moaning and speeding up the pumping. “Yeah. That’s what I want to see.” I began to lift up on my toes as the excitement built. Sensing I was getting close, she added a jab. “Enjoy this my love. With your disobedience in finding me recipes, it may be the only orgasm for you this month.” She held her phone up, ready to capture her mastery. Strangely, the act of her photographing my obedient orgasm made it more erotic. I was reaching the edge of release. “Sweetness. May I cum for you?” “Yes. Cum in your frozen drink for me!” She ordered. A second later thick white cream shot into my margarita glass. I was surprised at how vivid it was. “Oh yeah. That’s exactly what I was fantasizing it would be.” She exclaimed with a sense of accomplishment.

“Why don’t you sit and enjoy your drink a little before I watch you finish cooking our dinner?” I sat and turned the cup so I would drink one of the cum blobs. This was different from any of the other sessions where I ate my cum. It had frozen and was thicker and slimier. I swallowed it quickly trying not to think about it. “How’s your drink my love?” she asked with a teasing grin. “I’m not fond of the frozen cum.” I offered. “Well then you should let it sit in your mouth to thaw out before you swallow it – and that’s not a suggestion.” My cock twitched with her quick bold response. She was thoroughly enjoying this and it was turning me on to submit to her like this.

We enjoyed some time by the fire then I cleaned up. It was dark by this time and we sat down in the living room to watch a movie. I could not stay awake and asked to go upstairs. “I guess working your hard and draining your cum takes its toll on you. It’s a good thing I don’t let you do it that often anymore.” It thrilled me to hear her talk like that and it would run through my mind many times but I was in zombie mode and it was all I could do to make it to the bed.

I felt Sweetness’s hand running over my bare hip and rolled toward her. She snuggled up to me with her mouth near my ear. “I let you sleep in but now you need to get up.” She whispered. “What time is it?” I asked trying to gain my bearing. “Seven AM.” I turned to her to see if she was joking. She wasn’t but the smirk she gave let me know she was enjoying this and wanted to kick me out of bed. “I’ll be nice and let you fuck me before you go.” She offered. “You can start by writing your lines for yesterday that you forgot. Then you will have double the amount for today to do.” She was soothingly caressing my stiff cock and she laid out her orders. “But Sweetness, you let me cum yesterday.” I retorted, thinking that that would end the 33 days of line writing. “Uh, No. I didn’t say you could stop.” Panic came over me. Before I could formulate a question, she continued. “I think you need the repetitive reminder that you obey me and only cum when I permit it to make it sink into your subconscious.”

Almost didn’t get to photograph these as Sweetness already tore the yellow ones in half to get rid of them.

I didn’t like what I was hearing but by cock was throbbing with excitement. “I take it from your response you like the idea of writing lines for me.” She squeezed my shaft several times to indicate what tipped her off. “It excites me to have you dominate me but I don’t know that I like writing lines every day.” “Well, isn’t that the point. Make you do something that you don’t want to do but that excites you about me?” She had a point and I was open to doing anything she asked. “Ok, but can I fuck you now Sweetness.” Hearing all this dominant talk from her had me eager to fill her with my throbbing shaft. “I’ve changed my mind. I’ll fuck you when I’m ready to get up. Right now you can take your bulging cock and go start you chores and write lines while you continue to think about how badly you want to fuck me. I’m going back to sleep knowing I own you.” She released her grip of my shaft. The discussion was over. As much as I wanted to beg her to reconsider I needed to leave and show her I obey.


7 thoughts on “You May Cum – Blue Cocktail part 2

  1. The detailed description of what the two of you did and especially of your own physical and emotional feelings and thoughts make all the difference. I can imagine being in your submissive role and it arouses me. Thank you!

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