We have been together for more of our lives than we have not. In our opinion, we have a strong and loving relationship. We met in college and have been best friends ever since. Our children are no longer in grade school and we are enthused to have more time for each other.

I have evolved and expanded our sexual experiences over the past few years to include several non-vanilla activities. As I look back, I see the common theme is my submission to Sweetness and her domination over me. Topping from the Bottom? Most likely.

I asked for Sweetness’s permission to start our blog as I wanted to document, and have in one place, our journey of my submission to her. I also wanted a place to put my study and research of BDSM, Dominant/submissive, and Female Led Relationship. She agreed with the following conditions:

  • The blog must be anonymous
  • We use only fictional names for anyone mentioned.
  • She approves all entries

So, on September 21st 2016 we began our blogging journey of my submission to my love, Sweetness.